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SaverLearning helps you learn to manage your finances, unlock the best deals and send money home!

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Making Finance Fun

Personalise your own avatar, earn cosmetic rewards and show them off to your friends.
Content that matches your financial journey, challenging you as you go!
Calculators, templates and other tools that help you take control of your money.
Use your earned points to unlock vouchers and save money with our partner organisations.
Personalise your own avatar, earn cosmetic rewards and show off to your friends.
Use the latest strategies to enhance your learning!
Quiz yourself to grow your financial knowledge and see your progress

SaverLearning supports Individuals and Organisations

Elevate your financial literacy with SaverLearning's personalised courses, designed to empower you with practical knowledge and support for a lifetime of financial wellbeing
  • Access engaging courses and personalised content to enhance your financial knowledge
  • Enjoy gamified quizzes, challenges and rewards for a fun and motivating educational experience
  • Foster long-term financial wellbeing with ongoing support, practical tools and a vibrant user community
  • Benefit from multilingual support for a diverse and inclusive learning environment
Elevate your organisation's financial education initiatives by partnering with SaverLearning, offering tailored, data-driven courses that promote financial literacy and long-term sustainable impact
  • Enhanced Impact: Partnering with SaverLearning allows your organisation to deliver personalised financial education, maximising the effectiveness of your programs
  • Data-Driven Insights: Leverage our comprehensive monitoring and evaluation dashboard to measure user engagement and learning outcomes, enabling data-driven program improvement
  • Cost-Efficiency: SaverLearning's scalable infrastructure ensures cost-effective deployment, making financial education accessible to a broader audience
  • Sustained Engagement: Build long-term relationships with your audience, promoting ongoing financial literacy and informed decision making

Building your Course


Work with the experienced team at Saver.Global to design a course that suits your audience.


Open your course to the public and work with us to build a marketing campaign.


Receive qualified users to your platform through your course and any rewards that you offer.


We have built financial education programmes with


Who we are

We are Saver.Global, based in Australia, with team members working from across APAC, Europe and Africa, whose goal is to change the way citizens across the world learn about personal finance. We are a mix of international development experts and digital agency professionals who are ambitious to make an impact in millions of lives.

Our ambition is to empower the world with financial literacy. SaverLearning strives to provide an interactive and engaging platform, ensuring people have the knowledge and tools to make informed financial decisions, save effectively and secure their future.

- Bill Di Blasio, Founder

Our other platforms

We have been building platforms that help migrants save money for nearly 15 years! We currently operate several regional sites that compare international money transfers and help people learn basic personal finance skills. If you want to find the cheapest way to send money to a particular country, click on the region below and find out!

We understand the importance of digital and financial literacy. That's why we have been in the business of writing financial education courses, we wanted to take the impact that we were having on a small scale and bring it to the world. That's why we've built SaverLearning, to make financial education more accessible so that more people can learn to take control of their finances.

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Desktop Learning Experience

The Desktop Learning Experience is a dedicated segment of SaverLearning tailored for those who prefer comprehensive, in-depth exploration on a larger screen. Recognising the diverse needs of our global community of migrant workers, we've designed this platform to be more than just an educational resource - it's your own personal finance mentor, accessible from the comfort of your home or office.

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